CBD Treats for Pets - 1200 mg - 40 count

1200 mg CBD Pet Treats Our CBD Pet Treats are wholesome snacks that contain 30mg whole-plant full-spectrum...
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$ 79.00
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CBD Treats for Pets - 1200 mg - 40 count

CBD Treats for Pets - 1200 mg - 40 count

$ 79.00

CBD Treats for Pets - 1200 mg - 40 count

$ 79.00

Customer Reviews

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Joyce Callahan
CBD chews

These have been such a game changer for my dog. He was needing a harness to support his rear legs on our stairs and after a few weeks, he has lost his limp & no longer needs support on the stairs. He is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with arthritis in one leg. He has had TPLO surgery to his other leg. He also suffers from anxiety and these have helped that as well.

Nancy Roehrig
CBD treats

. Some days our Ellie is very excitable, and on those days needs help. The treats are very effective in calming her, and a bonus is that she takes them willingly, no need to hide them in cheese.

Lisa Alfieri
Love the CBD treats!!

We love these for our pit mix Buster, who is 10 years old and deals with arthritis and our young fosterfail pit, Sasha, who has restless sleep. They both love the CBD treats and are much more relaxed - thank you NYBC!!

Ally, @jowlsandjava
The best CBD for our bulldogs!

We have 4 English Bulldogs and several have anxiety due to being rescue pups. This works miracles on the older babies hip dysplasia too. We buy religiously. And notice a big difference when they haven’t had it.

Kimberly Heath
Works like a charm!

Using Bully Crew CBD chews to calm my 10 year old rescue blue tick hound who is experiencing confusion from having canine cognitive disorder and has a lot of anxiety because of it. This chew is working wonders! After a little while she settles right down. Also using it to help with arthritis discomfort my 10 year old lab is experiencing. He’s doing so much better! Thanks for this wonderful product that’s helping my fur babies as well as helping needy pups at NYBC!!!

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