Our CBD oil is safe for both humans and pets. Many people are often confused as to which CBD oil to purchase, especially for their pets. Our CBD oil is available in 250, 500,750, 1000, 2000 and 3000mg dosing options. The higher the mg on the bottle label, the more concentrated the CBD per dose. Each bottle is 30ml, so if you or your pet use one full dropper per day, the bottle will last 30 days.


The recommended dosage for human consumption depends on each individual person. You may need to experiement to find which dosage is ideal for your needs. Our suggested dosing is one full dropper twice daily, or as needed. We recommend starting with a smaller dosage and then adjust accordingly. You should allow 2-3 weeks to assess how the CBD is working before making adjustments to your dosing.


Take your pet's weight, energy level, medical conditions and individual behaviors into consideration. Our suggested dosing is 2-3 times per day with a meal. Each of the doses below are "per serving". We generally recommend choosing an oil based on your pet's weight. It is also important that dogs receive enough mental and physical activity throughout the day to support a healthy lifestyle and reap the maximum benefits of CBD.